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African Safaris are without doubt one of the most soul enriching experiences on Earth.

Africa is a dream for many folks but a place on earth that every person should visit at least once in their lives. In the true sense of the word we are blessed to live in Africa and call it our home. African Safaris are our way of life and we have travelled extensively to all regions thus giving us first hand and unrivalled knowledge and experience .We have been designing Tailormade African Safaris for our clients around the World since 1994.

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  • Tailormade - TSA African Safaris
    We will Tailormake unforgettable African Safaris for individuals and groups. We are a full service tour operator and are connected to various different companies in South Africa and the entire African region and we will take care of all logistics like accommodation, flights, transfers, air charters, tours, etc. Being based in Johannesburg, South Africa we are also available 24 hours, 7 days a week in case of any emergencies or if you need any other assistance.
  • Safaris Tours - TSA African Safaris
    With over 2 decades of experience in creating African Safaris, we pride ourselves on the personal service that we provide to all of our guests. Being based in Southern Africa we have the experience to offer any advise that you will need to make your safari a memorable success. Client satisfaction and exceptional Personal Service have been the hallmarks of our African Safaris which we continually strive to improve. Our aim is to have you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.
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    See our comprehensive list of Recommended Itineraries which we will tailormake to your liking.
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    Want to see THE BIG 5 in Africa, then check out our Private Game Lodge Safaris in the world famous Greater Kruger Park in South Africa.
  • African Honeymoon - TSA African Safaris
    There is nothing more Romantic than a Honeymoon in Africa. An African Safari Honeymoon will leave you with lifetime memories.
  • African Family Holiday - TSA African Safaris
    A Family Safari and Holiday to Africa is a sure way of Bonding and creating long lasting memories of time spent together.
  • Cape Town and Winelands - TSA African Safaris
    Book your Cape Town and Winelands Hotels as well as Private Tours and Transfers with us.
  • Victoria Falls - TSA African Safaris
    Book your Hotel or Lodge in Victoria Falls as well as all your Tours and Transfers with us.
  • Luxury Train Journeys - TSA African Safaris
    Enhance your African Safari with a Journey onboard a Luxurious Train. Choose from the famous Rovos Rail or The Blue Train.
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    We have a superb collection of Destinations, Safari Camps and Lodges, Beach Resorts as well as Luxury Trains that will make your African Safari a Dream Come True.
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    We all Love Specials. We have an amazing array of specials from Stay for 3 Pay for 2 to long stay discounts and much much more. See whats available right now.
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    See our Reviews, Interviews on Video, Testimonials and our Original Safari Guestbook about our Guest's Experience in Africa with us.

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African Safari in the Wilderness


African Safaris

African Safaris Tailormade to your perfection

Many people dream of taking African Safaris and would like to experience such a trip sometime during their life. However, many put off planning such a trip because they really aren’t sure what is involved and may have inaccurate assumptions about what they would see and do. Some know nothing more about African safaris than what they’ve seen in movies and television shows and these are often purposely written to make such excursions out to be more dangerous than they really are; allowing this to keep you from such a trip would be very shortsighted! Understanding what is involved in today’s African safaris can be the right solution to determining if such a trip is for you.

When you realize how they actually do typically operate and when you know what is involved in your sightseeing and your lodging, you may better understand why you shouldn’t put off such a trip. In many cases the lodging and accommodations on African safaris rival those of any luxury hotel, and you can choose many different ways of enjoying your trip rather than just driving around in a jeep or hacking your way through a jungle.

Accommodations and Lodging

Most people are surprised by the typical accommodations and lodging you get with today’s African safaris. They often assume you stay in tents in the middle of the jungle or the desert and that you use outhouses, or something worse, throughout your vacation. While of course there may be some trips that are set up like this, the majority of African safaris today include overnight accommodations at either small hotels or lodges set up specifically for those enjoying these excursions. They typically offer rooms and suites that you would expect to see in fine hotels and of course include indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and so on.

These accommodations you get on African safaris may also include meals prepared and even entertainment, such as native dancers or singers. Because of where they’re built, you may enjoy the most amazing views right from your own rooms when you plan these African safaris. This means that no one should put off planning these trips simply because they’re concerned about where they’ll sleep at night and about their everyday comfort in this regard as well.


While it’s true that African safaris typically involve rides in an open jeep with a Safari Guide or some type of bus so you can see animals up close and in their own habitat, this is not the only thing you may enjoy doing on such a trip. Many add in helicopter rides over certain areas, and you may also enjoy visits to mountainous areas or even some surfing in the ocean. As a matter of fact, your African safaris can typically include any type of excursion you may enjoy.Shop early and shop around if you’re interested in African safaris. You may be surprised at your choices and may realize that there is nothing that should put off your decision to enjoy them. Get a feel of some African Safari Sightings.

What is an African Safari

What are African Safaris

How much do you really know about what happens on African Safaris? If you’re like most people you only know what you see in the movies and on television, and these renditions may be very inaccurate. Often the experience is glorified for the sake of television or they’re shown to be much more “jungle like” than they really are. True African Safaris don’t necessary mean trekking through the jungle for hours on end or fighting off elephants in the African bush either.

Very often African safaris are much more luxurious than most people realize. It can mean staying in fine hotels during your visit or in cabins and lodges that are as luxurious as any in the world. You may take a cruise up a certain river or may choose a helicopter tour over certain attractions as well. In just about all cases your African safari will mean an experienced guide that understands the hesitations of those around him or her and can make the entire visit more comfortable and more enjoyable no matter those expectations.

In most cases African safaris will mean checking into your hotel or lodge and then spending a day traveling along a set route where you will get the most amazing and spectacular views. You often have a certain destination at which you’ll enjoy a catered or boxed lunch, and then more sightseeing. Typically your daily African safari will end around dinnertime when you’re returned to your lodge. In most cases your African safari will follow a different path each day so you get different views. On some days you may see the most sights while you’re driving and on other days you may be driving to a particular destination where you might enjoy some hiking or simple mountain climbing.

Depending upon the package that you choose, African safaris might include time on a train. This may be a day trip or it may mean having overnight accommodations on the train as you tour the African countryside for more amazing views. You may stop at certain areas for photo opportunities such as a watering hole where many animals may be spotted, and you may even enjoy a meal outside as well. In most cases your African safari will mean certain destinations, whether that be certain natural attractions such as national parks or one of Africa’s many scenic mountain areas, or it may be a destination where certain animals are known to congregate.

The best African safaris will include these so that you get the most out of your visit and aren’t simply touring flat countryside. Most people have no idea what the African continent offers by way of natural attractions, and good African safaris can be a real eye-opener even for those living on this continent. You can get to know the local cultures and people and can also see natural attractions and wildlife that you literally cannot see anywhere else in the world. This is what African Safaris are all about not to mention the all important wildlife conservation of these wilderness areas..

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