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Jackal cubs give us some insight

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The Nature versus Nurture debate has been a massive topic of discussion in psychological circles for centuries. Is behaviour and disposition ingrained in a species’ genetics or is it merely a product of multiple positive and negative experiences throughout its life? Since we cannot settle on this for our own species, it seems futile [...]

How safe are gorilla tours?

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In recent years, gorilla tours have become the house hold name of Rwanda’s tourism. Many people are taking up excursions to watch these gorillas. However these gorillas are not easily found, and they’re normally found in the forested ranges of the Virungas. There are several routes that have been demarcated through the jungles and your gorilla-trekking [...]

Fun facts about the infamous Black Mamba

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Safari adventurers visit their destination with different expectations. Unfortunately, in the early evolution of this awe inspiring industry​, the term Big Five was used to draw safari enthusiasts to the bush. ​This term refers to the “Five ​Most Dangerous Animals you can hunt on foot” ​and, as you can imagine, it is not palatable [...]

A successful elephant rescue

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We’ve been seeing an elephant cow and her two calves around the camp for the past two weeks, a welcoming sight always as they come into camp to feed at night. However we noticed the other day that she has somehow managed to get a cast iron brake drum stuck around her back left leg. [...]

Buffalo gives birth in the Timbavati!

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This special and heartwarming moment of a buffalo giving birth was captured in the Timbavati Private Nature & Game Reserve by field guide Morné Hamlyn. “Other people on the game drive called in a herd of buffalo in the area. We drove to the sighting and found this large herd of Cape Buffalo close [...]

A leopards game of hide and seek

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The element of surprise is the most crucial component for the success of a leopard. With a coat of complex patterning that breaks up the shape of the body, these magnificent cats can melt into their environment without being detected. The level of patience that an experience leopard brings fourth is something to write home about!During [...]

Pink elephant calf with blue eyes

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well, tickle me pink… One thing becomes clear, being out in the bush on a daily basis – nature never runs short of surprises. When you think you have seen it all, suddenly you see something completely out of the ordinary that makes you realise how amazing it actually is being out in the wild! [...]