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Video: criminal porcupine caught stealing!

2017-03-21T03:14:44+00:00 Africa Geographic|

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends Written by Andreas Fox Borana lodge had long had a cheeky Crested porcupine who regularly broke into unsecured rooms in search of snacks. He seemed to have a fondness for tormenting the poor lodge manager, Hunter – either that or Hunter must have catered for his specific tastes [...]

Video: Fun Facts about Hippos

2017-03-17T02:12:33+00:00 Africa Geographic|

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends Written by: Hannah Forsyth They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but like them or not, you have to admit that hippos are interesting creatures. Makakatana Bay Lodge have put together an interesting list of facts about these burley beasts. Hippopotamuses are found in Africa. The name [...]

Those poop balls – the ecology of dung beetles

2017-03-10T14:23:28+00:00 Africa Geographic|

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends Written and photographed by: Vaughan Jessnitz Dung beetles are one of the more intriguing and spoken about beetles within the guiding world, and many thousands of safari-goers have seen the seemingly tireless efforts these little beetles put into creating and rolling their balls of poop around! During most [...]

Rare sighting: Serval Cat in the Serengeti

2017-02-02T03:34:44+00:00 Africa Geographic|

An extremely rare melanistic serval cat has been sighted in the lowland areas of the Serengeti National Park. This is a majorly significant and rare sighting, mainly because these servals are generally perceived to only habitate the high-lying areas of this area. A melanistic serval cat sighted in a low-lying area of the [...]

LondoYogi: Yoga in the wild at Londolozi

2017-02-03T01:44:30+00:00 Africa Geographic|

Recently I was fortunate enough to experience a 6-day working holiday at some of the most incredible safari destinations in Africa, flying Airlink’s seamless bush connection from the great Kruger wilderness to the mighty Victoria Falls. Travelling on such a well-built itinerary is great fun but it can also be exhausting, and despite being [...]

The Little 5: Heroes of the African Bush

2017-02-02T02:43:59+00:00 Africa Geographic|

The Big 5, a term from the old hunting days, devoted to the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt, has been a target for the avid safari goer since the birth of photographic tourism in Africa. The lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo all represent this group.Yet many other species of animals are regarded as [...]

Jackal cubs give us some insight

2017-01-16T03:07:30+00:00 Africa Geographic|

The Nature versus Nurture debate has been a massive topic of discussion in psychological circles for centuries. Is behaviour and disposition ingrained in a species’ genetics or is it merely a product of multiple positive and negative experiences throughout its life? Since we cannot settle on this for our own species, it seems futile [...]

How safe are gorilla tours?

2017-01-07T03:54:43+00:00 Africa Geographic|

In recent years, gorilla tours have become the house hold name of Rwanda’s tourism. Many people are taking up excursions to watch these gorillas. However these gorillas are not easily found, and they’re normally found in the forested ranges of the Virungas. There are several routes that have been demarcated through the jungles and your gorilla-trekking [...]