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March at Sabyinyo

2017-04-03T13:58:47+00:00 East Africa|

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends Rwanda is not just ‘All about Gorillas’. Although they steal the show with their extraordinary behaviour and our fascination with them is enduring. Rwanda a compelling country and has so much more to offer which is largely unpublicised. With a population of 12 million it’s the most densely populated [...]

March at Loldia House

2017-03-30T14:04:17+00:00 East Africa|

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends Over the past month we have welcomed back lots of repeat guests to Loldia, which has been lovely. We are waiting for the rainy season to begin at Loldia, we havent received the same rains that the mara has and the ranch is looking quite dry. The ranch [...]

Why we love March in the Masai Mara.

2017-03-02T11:01:31+00:00 East Africa|

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends March is a quieter month in the Mara, less people about about mean you have more wilderness to yourself to explore. With the first few drops of rain the Mara springs into life. The rain falls in late afternoon and evenings, making for cosy evenings in camp [...]

December at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

2017-01-07T03:47:36+00:00 East Africa|

Karisimbi, Bisoke, Mikeno and Sabyinyo are nowhere to be seen. Those majestic Virunga mountains of Volcanoes National Park are shrouded in mist. Looking out from the lodge through the bamboos, tree ferns and mosses gives me the impression that we are on an island in the clouds. Waking early to see our guests before [...]

Why we love January in the Masai Mara

2017-01-07T03:36:30+00:00 East Africa|

January is the peak of Summer in the Masai Mara and days start off cool and move to hot by midday. There is sporadic rain and the grasslands remain fairly short, lush and green.  Up on Paradise Plain the grass grows long to almost half a metre. The short grass is perfect for the resident [...]

Why we love February in the Masai Mara 2

2017-02-02T03:25:13+00:00 East Africa|

February is marked by cool mornings, hot days and scattered rain showers. Mornings start around 14 degrees Celsius, moving to 30 degrees Celsius by midday. The grass on the open plains begins to dry out causing the red oat grass to turn golden brown. Photo courtesy of Anne Cusic In the forests [...]

January in the Masai Mara

2017-02-02T03:12:37+00:00 East Africa|

Weather and grasslands January 2017 has proved to be drier than many other years, dust in the air has brought on some lovely colours at dawn and dusk, a total of 7mm of rainfall fell. In the evening of the 8th there was a downpour on Topi Plains and Malima Tatu with enough water [...]

Why we love December in the Masai Mara.

2016-12-12T02:21:46+00:00 East Africa|

Following the short rains in November, the grasslands now look green and begin to grow again.  This dense new carpet of green growth contains many nutrients for the plains game; white tissue paper flowers grow across the plains. The Baboons love to feed on these flowers. Early mornings are around 18 degrees Celsius, midday [...]