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Pic of the Week at Sabi Sabi #8

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Owl Certain nocturnal species are quite difficult to see during a night time safari, and therefore more difficult to capture an image. Here I have photographed a Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl (also referred to as a Giant Eagle-Owl) Africa’s largest Owl species within a night time safari. Not only can it be difficult to [...]

The Waiting Game Lesson 1

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When you're too lazy for the chase, you resort to group digging! While you dig, your sister watches over you, then she pokes her head into the hole and tells you to dig some more! This is the scene that unfolded at Mombo as I watched a pride of lionesses as they took turns [...]

Savute Marsh Pride Hunting Elephant

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Savute has once again lived up to its reputation as one of Botswana’s top game viewing destinations with a sighting of a lifetime. Chris Swindal, who spent several nights with us at Savute Safari Lodge, shared his fascinating experience that unfolded during his stay in the Savute region of the Chobe National Park. Thanks [...]

Being Part Of The Pack

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Being part of the pack is exactly how we felt during our quick two-hour drive at Xigera Camp this morning. Leaving camp we immediately found lion tracks on the entrance road, but bypassed these in search of something a little more ‘Xigera’. There were giant flocks of pelicans overhead, and we knew they would [...]

Pic of the Week at Sabi Sabi #5

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The Prize For me this picture is special. A lot of people see our pictures on our website and various social media platforms and if it’s pleasing to them, then they acknowledge it’s a good shot. However, people forget that we are not professional photographers, we are professional guides who happen to have cameras [...]

Dayone on Patrol

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Dayone Male Leopard vocalizing and scent marking during his afternoon patrol. Ravenscourt Male has been edging his way into the territory of Dayone, which is forcing Dayone to regularly traverse his territory to make sure there are no intruders. There has recently been some interaction between Dayone and Ravenscourt as they met up while Dayone [...]