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Sounds of the Grey Rheebuck

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A small to medium-sized slender antelope, grey- brown with white underparts, darker on the front of the legs. The eyes have a white ring around them. The chin and sides of the muzzle is white. The tail white underneath, bushy and short. The neck is very thin and slender. The ears are long, narrow and pointed whereas they are wider in the Mountain Reedbuck. The preorbital glands in front of the eyes are absent but present in the Mountain Reedbuck. The coat is thick and wooly. Only males bear horns. Average shoulder height 75cm and weight 24kg.

Rocky hills with good grass cover. Occurs higher than Mountain Reedbuck. Prefers north-facing slopes.

Active during the day, feeding longer in winter than in summer. Ram with females and young live on a territory established by the ram. Territories are marked by defecation and urination. Urine is mixed with a dark secretion from the preputial gland. Males and females have glands between the hooves which produce a secretion with a very unpleasant odor. Territorial neighbours display at the common border by stotting and running along the territorial borderline while stamping and snorting. Serious fights are rare. Males only breed once they hold a territory.