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A Day at the Den

A Day at the Den | Taga Safaris
The past couple of weeks at Kapama game Reserve have provided us with some amazing sightings both big, and small. With most of our guests going back home, being able to say they have seen the Big 5, it can be very tough to pick a highlight or a guest’s favourite moment.

My highlight this month has definitely been at one of the hyena dens on our concession. At the moment there are several hyena cubs active at the dens and have provided us with some spectacular sightings.

A Day at the Den | Taga Safaris

It’s always a challenge for guides to try and determine the hierarchy of a clan as hyenas have a very complex social structure. Hyenas live in a matriarchal society, which means that the females outrank the males. Even the highest ranked male will be lower ranked than any female of the clan.

When we observe the interaction between individuals we can use the submissive behaviour displayed by the members of the clan we can assume who has what role.

A Day at the Den | Taga Safaris

At this specific den, we believe there to be at least 3 adult females and currently four pups. Two of the pups are still completely black, which would mean they are roughly 1 month old. They are joined by two older siblings roughly 3-4 months of age.

A Day at the Den | Taga Safaris

Story and photos by: Ranger Cameron – River Lodge

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