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Abu Wildlife

Abu Wildlife | Taga Safaris

Abu Wildlife at Abu Camp, in Botswana’s game-rich Okavango Delta, is known for its resident elephant herd – but these are far from the only African animals that can be seen there. Exploring the Abu Concession on foot (walking with the Abu Herd) or on a game drive can yield sightings of general game such as zebra, giraffe, warthog and numerous antelope species. There are also frequent encounters with herds of wild elephants, and the large numbers of prey species means that predator sightings (including lion, leopard, hyaena and, less frequently, wild dog and cheetah) are also a highlight. The mix of wet and dry habitats means that many different bird species are present, while a mokoro or boat excursion gives the chance to encounter wetland creatures such as hippo and red lechwe. It’s not just about the elephants!

Abu Wildlife

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