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Madikwe Safari Lodge is situated in one of South Africa’s largest and malaria-free sanctuaries; rich biodiversity of mammals, such as Africa’s Big Five, cheetah, wild dog, brown and spotted hyena, oryx, eland, springbok & ostrich; excellent birdwatching with over 350 bird species; diverse geology and broad mix of habitats; exceptional field rangers; intimate accommodation with sweeping views over the game-filled plains with the Dwarsberg range forming a purple-hued backdrop; unique area imbued in history – Mzilikazi, Dr David Livingstone, Sir Cornwallis Harris and Herman Charles Bosman; effortless road and air access; part of the family owned and operated collection of More Hotel properties.



The three lodges, Lelapa, Dithaba and Kopano comprise of 20 suites in total and give guests a choice to stay together as a group of family and friends, or to have a more private bush experience as a couple. Our staff know exactly how to make you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. If you curl up on your couch at home, that is what we encourage you to do with us at Madikwe Safari Lodge.

Lelapa Lodge:

Lelapa which means family in the local dialect is exactly that. It has the spirit and comfort of being at a home and is the Lodge where we allow guests of all ages to stay.

Kopano Lodge:

Kopano which means “small gathering” comprises only four suites with a beautiful common area offering an intermit and private experience.

Dithaba Lodge:

Dithaba, meaning mountain in the local dialect, is located slightly higher up on the mountain and has incredible views over the open plans.

Game Drives head out early morning at sunrise, and late afternoon just before sunset in search of the many animal species which call this place home. No more than 8 people at a time share in a private and intensely personal safari experience in the company of their Madikwe Guide.

Guided walks are a different way to appreciate the bush, and to enjoy a unique perspective of the reserve from ‘terra firma’.

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