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Tailormade African Safaris by The Safari Legends based in South Africa

We were the first Safari Company world-wide to introduce Tailormade Safaris back in 1994 and have as such set the benchmark in the industry.

We specialise in Tailormade African Safaris to your specifications. We take care of all dTailormade Safaris to Africaetails such as Airport transfers upon arrival and departure, Hotel Accommodations before, after and if necessary during Safari, all Game Lodge Accommodations and activities whilst on Safari and any other item that you require to make your Safari an unforgettable experience. A Tailor-Made or Personalised Safari is the ultimate Safari as there are no requirements to group size, destinations, departure dates or length of stay and exclusivity is guaranteed with personalised attention.

You may also take any of the pre-set luxury safari packages, which have been based on previous tailor-made safaris, and alter or extend to suit your preference. We work in close association with all major Tour Operators, Game Lodges, Hotel Chains, Airline Companies (Local), Car Rental Services, etc, etc, thus making Taga Safaris highly qualified to deal with any request that you might have. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation and we will gladly assist and create an Unforgettable Dream Safari to Africa with Taga Safaris for you that will have you longing to come back time and time again.

Planning an African safari is very exciting and challenging for both first timers, and seasoned travellers, as there literally is so much to choose from. Taga Safaris are here to help you decide what is perfect for you. We will take you through the steps of planning your safari, and help you decide what would suit you, in terms of accommodation, game viewing, types of activities, excursions and tours. Taga Safaris is based in South Africa, and all of our consultants are locals and have extensive knowledge on all of the products we represent. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation chat about creating your safari experience of a lifetime.

Tailormade Safaris to Africa

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Use the options below to design your Tailormade Safari. These fields are NOT mandatory and you may skip them and just send us a message. Set the Arrival Date, Select your Destination, then Region and then let us know the Lodge, Camp, Hotel or Resort you wish to stay at as well as additional information such as transfers, tours, etc.
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