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Botswana Safari

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Botswana Safari

Taking a Botswana Safari is a great way to enjoy the African bush and to see wildlife that you literally cannot see anywhere else in the world outside of a zoo. Today’s trips and excursions are also typically more enjoyable than ever since many trip planners work to cater to those looking for the safari experience. They know that travelers today expect some luxury when they travel, no matter their surroundings. These expectations can keep some from trying a Botswana safari, as they may expect the trip to mean staying in tents and being without running water and indoor plumbing the entire time. Typically most people’s knowledge of such an excursion is limited to what they’ve seen on television and in the movies and these depictions can be very incorrect, to say the least. Today, a Botswana safari can mean accommodations that rival a fine hotel and may also mean meals that are just as grand, and transportation that is comfortable and air conditioned as well.

To enjoy your Botswana safari to the fullest, one thing you want to do is start shopping and planning early. You may be surprised at your choices and leaving yourself plenty of time to pick and choose those options will be important. For some, a Botswana safari may mean more primitive accommodations but most will want to choose a lodge that offers everything they want for their stay, including luxury rooms and even nightly entertainment. Regions to visit include The Okavango Delta, The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, The Kalahari Desert and The Chobe National Park.

Choosing your activities during your Botswana safari is also important.

Most assume that safari means hiking in the jungle or simply driving around in an open air jeep. However, you can also take a canoe ride up a river or have a guided tour of a national park. You may want to have an experienced guide take you bird watching in certain areas, or there may be other wildlife you want to see and you may be able to arrange visiting areas where they’re known to congregate. Some Botswana safaris may include a helicopter ride for an amazing view of certain animal migrations thanks to African Wildlife Conservation.

Preparing properly will also help you to better enjoy your Botswana safari. Even those that include motorized transport will mean being out in the heat more often than usual and your health must be ensured; always follow the instructions of your guide and anyone else along the way when they tell you to hydrate or rest when necessary. Wear the clothing they recommend to make sure you’re comfortable during your Botswana safari.It’s also good to consider stepping out of your comfort zone a bit to really enjoy your Botswana safari. You may be looking forward to a quick jeep ride but if you get out and hike you may enjoy your tour even more. Try some native food and don’t hesitate to ask about visiting nearby cities while there. This will mean getting the most out of your Botswana safari and will mean having the best time while in Africa.

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