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Namibia Safari

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Namibia Safari

Those who long for adventure and the true test of “roughing it” will truly enjoy a Namibia Safari. The desert land in Namibia leaves one to wonder whether or not anyone will be traveling alongside them at any point in time. While others may not the wildlife will, but a majority of this land area lies desolate only up to the edge of the waters.

What’s in Namibia?

Namibia, although a land filled with vast dunes of sand and wildlife is home to the Namib Desert. While on Namibia Safari one might see herds of game in addition to such sites like the Petrified Forest, the Welwitschia Mirabilis which is an underground tree that is a thousand years old, and what we know as big sky in the country. As you get close to the river you will find more life and more to explore with ships that had floated to the underground riverbed, colonies of seals, and the splendid waterfalls known as Raucana.

There are also several unique natural formations that Namibia has been noted for including star-shaped mountains, which have been fascinating to many for years and put on quite a show for those who fly over them.

Attractions in Namibia

There are several safari camps in Namibia just as there are in Kenya, but there are also other attractions despite the vast desert area. Damaraland is one of the most scenic places for visitors to see while on Namibia Safari. Mountains and granite are plentiful in this area, and create a breathtaking view for all visitors. While traveling through the Damaraland, many tourists have seen Black Rhino, Elephants and Ostrich and other species. The Etosha National Park is another unique site to visit while in Namibia, and is one of the largest parks in Africa. The Etosha National Park covers more than 22 square kilometers and means “place of dry water”. This is because the land is considered desolate with very little plant life. The best time visit Namibia is during the winter, because the wildlife will come closer to the water giving anyone a much better view.

The Skeleton Coast is noted as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

There are very few visitors here only as a result of how this destination received its name. Bones and pieces of shipwrecked boat have been scattered along the coastline, however more than 290,000 hectares of this land have been set aside in order to create a private getaway for those who wish to embark on safari. There are more than four luxury safari camps that visitors that can stay in while visiting on Namibia Safari, and are designed to give you a taste of the what the desert landscape is like while giving you some of the comforts of home. With sandy dunes all around and pastel sunsets in the distance, there is an ambience of relaxation when it’s needed. All those who come to visit Namibia always report back to those at home that it’s definitely on the list as one of the most interesting places on earth.

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