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Pic of the Week #22

///Pic of the Week #22

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Moon Multiple Exposure

Pic of the Week #22

The inspiration behind this shot actually came from my guests as they were posing in such a way so as to appear to capture the moon while using their cellphone camera.  To get this shot though, I used the built in multiple exposure function of my camera as well as a mono pod so that I was able to stabilise the shot as the light was fading fast. Around this time of year, we get fantastic colours appearing in the moon as it intersects with the light being cast from the sun as it sets and this is how the colours of the image came to be so dark and orange.

To get this shot, I zoomed all the way in on the moon and positioned it where I thought would be best to have the figure appear to catch it. The reason for zooming in is to create the illusion of a giant moon. Then I walked a distance away and zoomed all the way back out then had the figure pose as if catching the moon.

Equipment used

  • Camera – Canon 7Dmkii
  • Lens and Focal length – Sigma Contemporary 150 – 600 F5 – 6.3

Settings used to capture this image

  • ISO 1000 – The reason for such a high ISO value is that with the multiple exposure function, the ISO stays fixed over the exposures you take only the shutter speed can vary so I chose a high ISO value so as not to run into problems when I needed to shoot the silhouette figure with too low a speed.
  • Aperture f/(5.0) – As low as possible to gather as much of the dying sunset light as possible.
  • Shutter   – This was a trial and error one whereby I needed to raise the ISO quite high so that my initial shot of the moon was at 1/1000 due to the moon being very bright in the sky and then my shot of the figure was at 1/160 the figure was already in the shadow cast by the sun setting.

Editing used on this image

Most of the editing was done in the camera using the built in multiple exposure function, all I did in Lightroom was drop the shadows and increase the white balance to favour the yellows and oranges more.

Pic of the Week by Sheldon Hooper (Bush Lodge Ranger)

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Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends

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