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The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

///The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

In the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia live two ferocious lions named Ginger and Garlic. These two brothers are the symbol of strength, ranking among the most powerful of all.

Have a look at these these two iconic animals. Their kingly appearance and terrifying roar makes your heart race. No matter if you are a wide-eyed first timer or a seasoned safari goer, being close to these two kings is pure excitement!

The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

The two kings, Ginger and Garlic

It is because these two are brothers that they can live together, forming a group known as a coalition. By doing so they are being more effective in defending their territory and pride group.

The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

Garlic out for a night walk

They will not tolerate other male lions in their pride and will fight rivals at the risk of receiving a serious injury, or worse.

The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

The pride with lionesses and cub

The pride has to cope with ever-changing circumstances: lionesses get injured or killed; young male lions get pushed out of the pride; and if the coalition is overthrown, dominant males are driven away by rivals and the cubs will be killed by the new leader that will want to reproduce his own offspring.

The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

A young cub playing

And if this is not enough, lion populations in Africa have dropped by almost two-thirds over the last 50 years. Crashing lion populations are partly caused by trophy hunting and the use of lion parts in medicine. But the main issue is loss of natural habitat because of a growing human population.

Now imagine going on safari without seeing a lion, unthinkable, isn’t it?

We need to protect these true kings and preserve their natural habitat to ensure that future generations will be able to hear the lion’s roar – like Ginger’s!

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