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Look Up at the Sky

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Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends
Look Up at the Sky

When was the last time you actually switched off the TV, found a comfy spot outdoors, cleared your mind and just simply looked up at the sky and stars? Nowadays our lives are filled with such chaos and we are all too busy for our own good. Well, today is Look Up at the Sky Day, which is really just a fantastic excuse to escape reality (and wifi) and appreciate the sky above in all its glory.

We encourage you, wherever you are, to get outdoors and look up at the sky. Dust off the binoculars and do some birdwatching. Or take to the sky in a hot air balloon. Marvel at the ever-changing cloud formations and if there’s a storm brewing, photograph the dark, moody horizon. Celebrate the sunrise and toast the sunset. Visit an observatory to contemplate the planets and constellations that surround us. And once the moon eventually emerges, switch off the lights, watch the stars dance and savour the romantic twinkling night sky.

It’s time to slow down, escape the city confines, take a deep breath and ponder our place in this wondrous universe.

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Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends

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