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Ooops … There Goes the Diet

///Ooops … There Goes the Diet
Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends
Ooops … There Goes the Diet

Holidays are the ultimate form of escape, aren’t they? With great anticipation, we all look forward to those two or three weeks a year when we can escape our daily routines with wild, reckless abandon in order to experience the extraordinary.

We escape the city confines, our responsibilities, our inhibitions and the monotony of the working world and we cherish the absolute freedom to explore, learn, laugh, relax and reconnect. This is what travel is all about; escaping the ordinary and expecting the unexpected.

But let’s face it, most of us also escape our diets. Everyone knows that holiday calories don’t count and when we’re on holiday, we certainly want to experience all of the thrilling tastes and foreign flavours of these exciting and far-fetched corners of the world.

Well, lucky for the &Beyond traveller, we LOVE food. Our teams have scoured three continents in search of the finest (and often lesser known) gems of the foodie world for our guests to experience and devour. And, at our award-winning safari camps and lodges, our teams of expert trained chefs have one daily task, which is, quite simply, to delight our guests through their tummies and tastebuds.

Did you know there are seven official mealtimes on an &Beyond safari? That’s right, seven. They don’t call it “lodge podge” for nothing! We tempt our guests’ tastebuds with delicious, wholesome and hearty meals that are sourced, wherever possible, using fresh, local ingredients. From garden to table, and from dessert trolley to guilt-free lips, it is a food safari of the soul where ‘diet’ is always a four-letter word

So, bon appétit. Tuck into all seven of those mealtimes, go back for seconds, savour that glass of wine and indulge in that sinful dessert. You’re on holiday!

With food-lovers and diet-haters in mind, today we invite you on a gastronomic journey through the new, exciting and irresistible menus now on offer at &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends

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