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Pic of the Week #16

///Pic of the Week #16
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Pic of the Week #16


In this image, I have captured two male Southern Masked Weavers, one perched behind and out of focus, while the one in the foreground is busily building his nest. For me, this image was special because it was the first time I had had the opportunity to sit and watch a Weaver go about his business and it was fascinating, the intricacy with which they build their homes is magical.

Equipment used

Camera – Canon 7Dmkii

Lens and Focal length – Sigma 150 – 600mm F5-6.3 Contemporary

Settings used to capture this image

ISO 640 – Sunny subject so there was adequate lighting but I have set the ISO higher than my usual 400 to obtain an even faster shutter than my usual 1/1000 just so as not to have any blur at all in the motion.

Aperture f5.6 – The lowest possible aperture was needed to blur out the background as you see in the image with the blurred out male.

Shutter 1/2000 – I used a high-speed shutter speed to enable me to capture the frozen movement of the male hopping around, flitting from branch to branch, while gathering grass and building his nest.

Editing used on this image

As with most of my images, only basic editing was used to bring up the whites/highlights a bit and then also dropping the shadows. A little sharpening was added but overall the settings I made use of in the camera produced a pleasing result.

Pic of the week by Sheldon Hooper (Bush Lodge Ranger)

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