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Pic of the Week #23

///Pic of the Week #23
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The eye of a true hunter

Pic of the Week #23

After an amazing night spent with these lions, they took down a buffalo, which is a life-threatening moment for them as a buffalo could kill a lion with its massive horns and sharp hooves. This young female was the first one on the back of the buffalo.

The next morning, I went straight back there and found this female lying behind a Tamboti tree eyeing some vultures that are trying to come in and steal some scraps from the lion’s kill, but she made that impossible for them – as soon as they touched down, she launched herself at them.

Eventually I moved around and had a good angle to get her lying behind the tree focused on her objective.

Equipment Used

  • Camera – Canon 600D
  • Lens and focal length – Sigma 150 – 600mm, f/5-6.3 DG OS

Settings used to capture this image

  • ISO – 800 I used 800 because she was in the shade but as soon as I took the photo, a patch of light came through the clouds and fell on her eye.
  • Aperture of f- 6.3 that’s the lowest I could go with my lens at 600mm and I got the face in focus.
  • 1/640 shutter speed – I could not take my shutter higher as then my image would have been too dark or I would have had to make my ISO more which means my picture would become grainier.

Editing used on this image:

I pushed my Shadows up and my Whites, then I dropped my Blacks to get some nice contrast. I used some Vignetting to make sure your eyes are pulled right to the centre of the image.

Pic of the week by Franscois Rosslee (Bush Lodge Senior Ranger)

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Tailormade African Safaris by the Safari Legends

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