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Weird & Wonderful #5

///Weird & Wonderful #5

A Foam Nest Tree Frog’s Nest

Weird & Wonderful #5

Often there is a confused murmur that emanates from the vehicle whilst driving around in the bush and this murmur more often than not morphs into a fully-fledged “What is that white thing in the tree over there?” This is then followed by the frantic search by both tracker and ranger of all nearby trees in the effort of locating the sore thumb in question.

Upon location, there is a collective sigh shared between the duo and then the introduction of the Foam Nest Tree Frog ensues!

A Foam Nest Tree Frog displaying its ashen white colouration variation.

Weird & Wonderful #5

This amazing little creature is quite the innovator when it comes to breeding behaviours and egg fertilization. It makes use of a technique called polyandry, in which the female clings to a branch whilst releasing eggs and around her cluster multiple males who begin to release sperm which they whip up into a thick white foam using their hind legs.

It has been found that the offspring of these polyandrous fertilisation sessions are more likely to survive than those of a singular fertilisation.

By Sheldon Hooper (Bush Lodge Ranger)
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