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Video: wildebeest chase wild dogs!

///Video: wildebeest chase wild dogs!

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​Every game drive has the potential for a unique sighting of one of the Greater Kruger’s special animals. But sometimes mother nature smiles on you and you get to witness something special, an event that most safari goers will never ​get to ​see, and ​this is one of them!

Video: wildebeest chase wild dogs!

You would expect the wild dogs (Lyc​aon Pictus) to be chasing the​ blue​ wildebeest​ (​also known as a ​brindled​ gnu​), not the wildebeest chasing the dogs!

These dogs bit off more than they could chew​ (no pun intended)​ when they thought about trying to hunt these wildebeest, and ended up having to​ retreat to find something a little easier to confront. About an hour later they managed to successfully kill an impala.

Every few weeks, Senalala is privileged to be able to view wild dogs in our traversing area. In a previous post we gave more details on the facts about these special creatures but we want to reiterate that they are under threat from a conservation standpoint due to habitat ​fragmentation and the associated human conflict​, disease and competition from other predators.

​A highly specialised carnivore that has a distinguishable social structure​ and a colourful presence, they can have a huge home range​ of up to 2000 square kilometres and are always on the move.​

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