Over the last couple of months our guides have been exploring Magashi, discovering everything there is to know about this phenomenally-diverse area and its wildlife inhabitants. The results of their explorations have been incredibly rewarding and we have particularly enjoyed following the updates on the area’s leopard and lion behaviours.

This week Magashi guide Hein Myers shared a selection of photographs taken over the course of an afternoon’s game drive. Hein says, “Yesterday I went looking for a leopard and was pleasantly surprised when I came across a breeding herd of elephant which marked my first herd sighting since November.

“The afternoon produced a sighting of the three lionesses and four cubs feeding on an eland. The lions are not yet completely relaxed around vehicles and I wasn’t able to take a picture of all four cubs together. During the sighting, a large elephant bull walked by and then out of nowhere a leopard appeared and tried to grab a bite of the eland. The Amahoro lioness (the mother of the cubs) wasn’t going to let the leopard enjoy her hard-earned meal and quickly chased the leopard off before I could get a picture!”

Just one of the surprise “visitors” on the lion sighting – a large elephant bull

A lesson we can all learn from nature – reuse and recycle!

A pair of Verreaux’s eagle-owls perched in the treetops

The breeding herd that I spent time admiring

A pod of hippo sunning themselves

Three of the four cubs

Quietly eyeing out the vehicle

The remains of the eland carcass and some hungry young cubs

Post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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