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An African Love Story unfolds at Selati

Selati Camp has always been an impossibly romantic retreat. It was designed with love in mind, designed to mirror a time when life was a little dreamier, a little less turbulent and a lot less complicated. The team from Dakota Designs recreated an alluring atmosphere by incorporating the textures, smells and sounds of the surrounding environment.

An African Love Story unfolds at Selati | Taga Safaris

The recently completed revamp of the ultra-luxury suites has been met with rave reviews and our guests are singing the praises of the imaginative décor and comfort of the suites, the silence and seclusion of each private garden.

And now with a new viewing deck, restyled “outdoor lounge and veranda” and remodelled reception and boutique area, the lodge is at its full beautiful glory.

An African Love Story unfolds at Selati | Taga Safaris

The new deck is an elegant circle, evoking a sense of symmetry, peace and the natural circle of life. Within this space, elegant muslin fabric drapes are attached to the thick wooden supporting beams, creating a frame without disturbing the view of the animals meandering to and from the waterhole. Taking pride of place in the centre of the deck is a magnificent antique Persian rug, atop of which sits a unique contemporary carved table – a piece of art with its stunning stained timber top and metal finishes. Several groupings of beautiful handmade wooden tables and chairs are perfect spots at which to enjoy dining experiences. The floor has been masterfully crafted with weathered wooden slats which flow out to the cantilevered viewing platform, set slightly lower than the main deck floor. Built-in seating, comfortable scatter cushions, tree stump tables and footrests at various heights are an irresistible temptation to kick back, relax and enjoy nature at its living best.

An African Love Story unfolds at Selati | Taga Safaris

The existing “outside lounge and veranda” was treated to a new romantic overhaul, layering the area from floor to thatched roof with richness and diversity. This is a space to laze in style, with heavily upholstered wooden couches, armchairs and imported woven Malawian cane chairs becoming enticing resting places. Handmade basket lamps, created by rural craftsmen, hang above the fascinating objects d’art, books, textured cushions, hints of leather and interesting memorabilia which decorate this light and luxurious space.

The inviting pool surrounded by plush loungers is just beyond should the bushveld sunshine be calling.

An African Love Story unfolds at Selati | Taga Safaris

A brand new reception area has been created, a warm and friendly place in which to greet visitors. A myriad intriguing paintings, sculptures, even pith helmets, adorn the walls and tables – the history of Selati Camp starts at the front door – a taste of décor still to be explored! Some of the metal artwork displayed is original, old currency used in some African cultures, such as the “fire sticks” which appear to be dried timber branches but are made from metal; and the crystal on the gorgeous drinks trolley certainly deserves a second glance.

The space that previously served as the reception area, has been recreated into a boutique bush retail experience, a lovely sojourn should the shopping itch scratch. Need some safari clothes, a hat, a gift, “The Trading Post” has plenty to offer.

An African Love Story unfolds at Selati | Taga Safaris

Selati Camp is known for its silence and beauty, for the majestic trees which line the Msuthlu riverbed, ancient sentinels which have stood and guarded the area for aeons. Under the shade of their huge branches adventurous game viewers, newlyweds, or those simply seeking solitude have found a piece of utopia. The superb suites, and now the addition and renovation of 2 wonderful viewing decks, a new reception and boutique area, seamlessly meld into the historical spirit of Selati Camp – which remains a classic vintage experience and an unforgettable destination for the romantic at heart.

An African Love Story unfolds at Selati | Taga Safaris

Post courtesy of Sabi Sabi

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