Little Makalolo Camp Manager Edwin Kadirere reports on a Hwange wildlife spectacle which unfolded right in camp…

It all started at around 11 pm on Tuesday night, soon after we had retired for the night. Suddenly we heard a lot of noise coming from our main area. We thought at first that we might not have closed up properly, and elephants had moved in and started tossing furniture around.

However, we soon realised it was a male kudu fighting for his life in a ferocious hyaena attack!

The guides rushed to the main area where they saw the hyaenas in action; however, the predators scattered on the arrival of the guides. The kudu was down, having been disembowelled, and his horns were stuck in a tree trunk.

Big Drama at Little Makalolo | Taga Safaris

Big Drama at Little Makalolo | Taga Safaris

Big Drama at Little Makalolo | Taga Safaris

At this stage the kudu was unconscious but eventually actually came to, extricated himself, stood up and tried to move away. He staggered along but kept on collapsing on the walkway until he finally gave up from loss of blood.

He might even have thought he had escaped death, but just then the hyaenas returned, as he approached Tent 3 the hyaenas simply picked up from where they had left off. This time the kudu could not escape and the hyaenas made a meal of him.

Post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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