Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal life in our world or a particular habitat that is considered to be important and desirable

All Earth’s species work together to survive and maintain their ecosystems. Much of the Earth’s biodiversity, however, is in jeopardy due to human consumption and other activities that disturb and even destroy ecosystems. Conservation efforts are necessary to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species and their habitats. That is why Private Reserves, like Kapama, play a huge role in conserving and protecting our natural resources across multiple ecosystems.

How are Trees Contributing to Biodiversity?
Forests and trees provide ecosystem services. Trees provide soil and water conservation, facilitate carbon sequestration, improve biodiversity and increase the number of pollinators and natural pest predators, like birds. At least 1/3 of the world’s crops depends upon pollination provided by insects and other animals.

How do they contribute otherwise?
The Marula Tree Provides fruit that is rich in calcium and a nut inside that is rich in protein. Many animals such as Impala, Kudu, Nyala, Baboon, Warthogs, Elephants and many other, indulge in this fruit. Not to mention the Birds and Insects. The bark is consumed by Elephants to obtain all the nutrients minerals and glucose that is stored in the tree’s cambium layer. The Larvae phase of the African moth relies on the leaves of this tree as food and later on becomes a pollinator. Not only for that tree but a wide variety of trees.

The Knob Thorn Tree is browsed by animals such as Kudu, Elephant and Giraffes as it is very nutritious. Elephants, Porcupines and warthogs will consume the roots, and the bark helps Elephants fight tooth decay. Giraffes, Baboons and Vervet monkeys eat the
flowers as they have twice as much protein. Birds tend to nest in cavities in the bark, and vultures love to nest in them (our natural carrion eaters and Important for disease control)


What impact do humans have on Biodiversity?

The main threats facing biodiversity globally are destruction, degradation and fragmentation of habitats. reduction of individual survival and reproductive rates through exploitation, pollution and introduction of alien species.

Verdict: As seen we just mention two trees that have a huge impact on our natural environment. However, trees and plants are abundant like this that has an immense impact on our natural surroundings. It is of utmost importance that we protect the environment and its natural Biodiversity because making a small change can have an enormous impact in nature that will eventually affect our life on this amazing planet.


Kapama’s view on this?

As a big 5 game reserve in the Greater Kruger and Part of Conservation and Preservation we understand the importance of our Biodiversity. We plan to protect it through . . . .

  • Being an Educator: To educate our guests on the importance of not only National Parks and Game reserves but every single part of our environment and our existence in it.
  • Being a Collaborator: A Park ecologist that can ensure the balance of the plans, animals, insects and microorganisms and prevent the destruction of it. Kapama Private Game Reserve works closely with an Agricultural Research Council (ARC) member, Dr Mike Peel. He aids the Kapama management team with his dedicated research. Dr Peel has developed a research program that benefits the management of wildlife in private reserves. Kapama has an agreement with the Animal Production Institute of the Agricultural Research Council. Kapama must monitor the natural resources on the reserve, to ensure a safe and sustainable environment and to preserve the wildlife habitat including the biodiversity on the reserve; after all, it is one of South Africa’s greatest assets. (ARC).
  • Being Ethical: We at Kapama have strict rules and regulations when it comes to nature. It is extremely important to be ethical and not place our interests above that of natures.

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty”. Albert Einstein

Story and photos by Buffalo Camp Head Ranger – Rassie Jacobs
Post courtesy of Kapama Game Reserve

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