Davisons Camp – April 2018

Davisons Camp - April 2018

Climate and Landscape
With the rains finally coming to an end, the grass and vegetation is slowly turning brown, the small pockets of water are drying up and game is starting to concentrate more in areas around the larger bodies. It’s still looking quite lush and green for this time of the year, though.

Davisons Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

During April there was a marked drop in temperatures, from around 18° to 12° Celsius, and by the end of the month the beanies were out and no shorts were to be seen at parade! Our last real rain was around the 5th April and since then, we’ve had only a very light sprinkling right at the very end of the month – which didn’t even register in the gauge.

We’ve had several beautifully ethereal misty mornings at Davison’s, and guests have loved warming themselves by the fire with coffee in hand, watching the pan transform with as the light increases.

Elephant are seen in and around camp, and down at the waterhole on Ostrich Pan, just about every day now.

 It was a month of cats and some dogs thrown in. The male cheetah that has been in camp and hunting in and around Ostrich Pan has moved off. No kills have been sighted, but there was a marked absence of the zebra, impala and warthog usually found in front of camp while he was here. The impala are back, as are the warthog, but the zebra seem to be staying away for now.

A couple of nice leopard sightings were recorded, with one seen at Little Sam (4th April) playing in the top branches of a tree and another while on an airstrip transfer with guests on the A1, spotted by Themba and company, also resting in a tree.

 Still on the subject of cats there was a cheetah/impala kill right in front of Little Makalolo, which Douglas and his guests witnessed… and small-spotted genets were seen several times on the road. A couple of African wildcat sightings were also recorded around month-end.

 Hyaena remained close to camp, and we heard them calling loudly in the early mornings, providing a pre-wake-up call for guests…

 Wild dogs were spotted by Paul and guests, hunting at Makalolo Pan. Rounding off the dog section we had jackal sightings (black-backed and side-striped) every day that we went out.

 Birds and Birding
There were a few first sightings this year during the month of April, including shaft-tailed whydah, Jameson’s firefinch, green-winged pytilia, paradise flycatcher, black-headed heron and a wood owl.

 Guests Comments
“We found Mike to be passionate and knowledgeable about his subject. Mani and Brad most welcoming and helpful. All camp staff were friendly and efficient. What a pleasure! Thank you to all the team for making this special trip extra special.”

 “Our guide Themba was exceptional and all the staff were welcome and always with a smile.”

 “The whole experience was totally amazing! What a wonderful place and fab team of people!”

 “Everyone made us feel welcome and comfortable. It was a treat to meet so many special people.”

 “The anniversary celebration was lovely and thoughtful. The game drives were superb and evening campfire and star gazing were too.”

 “We so enjoyed the bush life and the wonderful care extended to us. Nothing was ever too much trouble! The overall experience was phenomenal! Thank you.”

 Staff in Camp

Camp Manager: Themba

Assistant Managers: Tinashe and Brad

Trainee Manager: Mani

Pro Guides: Themba, Mike

Guides: Paul, Richard and Douglas