Yes! We did. Lion cubs galore!

It’s the end of the week and although they don’t really exist in the bush, that Friday feeling is surely made even more exciting with this sighting. Two little cubs have been sighted by guide Andrew and his two guests. What’s more, the trio are the first people from Shenton Safaris to see the cubs this season. An absolute honour we believe.

Night drives are often a crowd pleaser for sightings such as the elegant leopard, the outlaws that are hyenas and you may witness predators hunting. However, it is not often that you get to spend the evening with the more cuddlier creatures of the Luangwa Valley. Andrew leads his troop to a pride of females, with them are two brand new cubs. Clumsy and uncoordinated, the cubs trot along a sandy track trying to keep up with their strong mother. She saunters away from the vehicle towards where they will take refuge for the night, stopping every now and again to ensure her cubs are in tow. Andrew follows until the pride stops to rest, the cubs stay close to their mother playing, bonding and courageously navigating some of their first steps in this world.

By Anna Mansfield of Kaingo and Mwamba Camps in Zambia

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