DumaTau – May 2018

DumaTau - May 2018

Climate and Landscape
So here we are, almost halfway through the year. With winter slowly creeping in, the days have become a lot shorter, and the evenings and early mornings are much colder than the last few months. With the evening temperatures dropping to around 20° Celsius we thought it would be a good time to pull out our familiar bushbabies (AKA hot-water bottles) to heat up the beds for a cosy night’s sleep. And they are also a welcome sight on the morning game drives. Wrapping yourself up in a winter poncho with a bushbaby tucked underneath is the perfect setup for your early drive.

DumaTau - May 2018 | Taga Safaris

With the underbrush starting to thin out, game viewing became a little easier for our visitors out on game drives, and excellent sightings of the Channel Pride teaching their cubs the skills needed to hunt for themselves were noted. Sometimes the youngsters were too eager though, resulting in the prey spotting the hunters well in advance, giving the prey enough time to make a good getaway. But it’s only a matter of time before the cubs master the art.

Some good news on the wild dog front is that the local Zib Pack alpha female is heavily pregnant. The pack was seen a couple of times close to DumaTau, digging around termite mounds as they looked for a suitable place to den. This is great news for us as they often cross the Savute Channel and den there, before returning with their pups when they are older and able to keep up with the pack. So watch this space for future updates.

DumaTau - May 2018 | Taga Safaris

This month’s highlight though, had to be a few nights back after our guests had all set off on their afternoon activity in search of leopards that had otherwise been very elusive over the past few weeks. On the drive they did manage to find one female close to the Savute Channel, but it was just as the guests came back into camp that Rramakwati, our resident male, decided to casually stroll through the main parking lot. As the guests took the last corner, there he was, confidently strutting around before lying down next to the laundry. Action doesn’t get much closer to home than that.

We are all looking forward to next month very much. With the bush thinning out, and with much less food and water out in the woodlands, we are sure to see an influx of animals along the Channel. And with the numbers of game increasing, so are the predators…

From Johan and the management team of Anneri, Gao, Mpho and Masaka, and guides Godfrey, Mocks, Ban, BK, Rogers and Tops – till next time…