End of the Reign

There are those who think the plains are at their best dry, dusty and yellow. They are wrong. Take these last few weeks. Rains of biblical quantity have transformed the Mara. It has been a faunal waterpark of slippery tracks with vehicles spinning 360’s and animals shivering under torrential downpours.

End of the Reign

But look at the bonus now the prodigal sun has returned. Now we the crown jewels with fecund oat grass flourishing and billowing in the wind, the dust is neutered and the sometime miserly golden hour becomes three. The grass maybe high but as the buds flower there is a colourful fringe benefit all across the Conservancies.

End of the Reign

The wildlife likes this and Mara minor royalty like Simon, Elaine, Andy B, Andy R, Emmanuelle …. who have no intention of ‘stepping back’ from their official duties to their four legged subjects, agree, as their regal photographs illustrate.

As for those who prefer dry, dusty and jaundiced plains … put ‘em out to grass ……… or in the tower!

End of the Reign

Post courtesy of Kicheche Camps

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