This is a significant break with tradition. A seismic change in literature. A monstrous and controversial new order ….. we are asking you to Tuck in again. Yes The Tuck’s safari is not yet done!

First Come First Serval

A serval is an almost mystical beast, blessed with a giant pair of twitching ears and seemingly four Vaporfly’s attached to their feet. They are reasonably common but harder to find than a genuine HS2 fan.

First Come First Serval

The long, luscious & lubricous grass is their home, where they peddle a patient beat listening for their prey before pouncing with a seemingly gravity-defying leap.

First Come First Serval

From time to time they are spotted, every few years one is found with kittens, but mating … this is a first.

A couple of hours of flirting, leaping and carousing …. gorge yourselves on these cavorting cats, watch and forward the video, this was only a few minutes from camp and on day 12 of their Kicheche safari.

Sensational, can they go home now please.

Post courtesy of Kicheche Camps

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