Every lion sighting in the Busanga Plains is extraordinary. But on Sunday morning, Busanga Bush Camp guide Sam Simunji Simunji had an extra-extraordinary encounter with the local pride…

A few days ago I woke up early as usual, and went to pick up my guests, Christian and his grandmum Jane, for breakfast. On my way to their room I discovered that our dining area, the fire pit, and some of the chairs had been taken over by our resident Papyrus Pride, whose territory encompasses our prime situation in Kafue’s Busanga Plains in the Kafue National Park.

Guess Who Came to Breakfast at Busanga Bush Camp

The lions effectively blocked us from getting to our breakfast spot as they had claimed it for themselves. So I quietly sneaked our guests around the back way from their room to the game viewer, after warning the rest of the camp staff not to go to the main area. I told them I would advise them when to set up for breakfast – but only once the lions had left the main area, and it was completely safe again.

Guess Who Came to Breakfast at Busanga Bush Camp

The pride eventually moved on at about 9.30 am that morning, and my hungry guests were finally able to have breakfast!

I think we need some new chairs now too, as the director’s chairs that were ‘used’ by the lions, can’t be offered to guests again!

By: Sam Simunji Simunji

Post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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