Jacana Camp – April 2018

Jacana Camp - April 2018

Climate and Landscape
With the water levels high now, and winter on its way, the temperature has dropped slightly – but with this drop come crisp, fresh skies which lead to some fantastic viewing of the stars at night, and great sunrises where it seems we can feel each ray slowly warming us up.

With the clear nights we did some stargazing and enjoyed great views of the Milky Way in all its greatness.

This month’s sightings were excellent, with our guests absolutely delighted to see a cheetah and a few lions while out on a game drive.

With the fig and jackalberry trees now in fruit, the elephants travel great distances across the water to sniff them out, even finding the fig tree right next to the Jacana Bar.

Jacana Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

One visiting couple got to see a kill right on their tent balcony – even if it was only a skink catching a spider. With nature all around, you never know what you will see or come across.

A thrilling sighting of a sitatunga antelope was recorded, usually a very hard species to find.

Jacana Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Birds and Birding
Jacana is renowned as an excellent destination for birding and our guests were spoiled with the selection of beautifully colourful birds around our area – from lilac-breasted rollers to the tiny and quick-moving malachite kingfishers.

It was exciting too seeing a fish-eagle catching a fish right in front of camp, while of course, Jacana Camp’s most celebrated resident is the Pel’s fishing-owl.

Jacana Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Guest Activities
Our guests thoroughly enjoyed their mokoro outings from camp, and seeing all the little things the Delta has to offer: the frogs, birds and even usually hard-to-see African jacana nests and eggs.

Our boat cruises were very successful this month with guests getting great shots of elephant crossing channels and crocodiles sunbathing after the cold evenings.

Game drives were simply outstanding with the array of wildlife that was seen.

Various bush and in-camp activities were set up, leaving our guests wishing they could be with us for many more nights. We had truly rewarding feedback from guests which consistently motivates us to keep our high standards going.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bevan Asekeng and Kebafe Lejahe
Guides: Galebuse Maboga, Gomotsang Modibu and Bolatotswe Makgetho

Jacana Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris