Jacana Camp – March 2018

Jacana Camp - March 2018

Climate and Landscape
This month’s weather was very manageable and the heat during the day was relished next to the pool with a much-appreciated beverage in hand. At night we enjoyed a wonderful cool breeze during dinner as by then the heat had dissipated. We had a few days where the wind blew very hard, and which brought some rain every now and then. We received 9.5 mm of rain with a minimum temperature of 18° and a maximum of 36° Celsius.

Our guests enjoyed numerous sightings of hippos playing with one another in the water. Wild dogs were also spotted around camp, playing and making kills. We also saw the lions close to camp.

Jacana Camp - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

Guests enjoyed great sightings of sitatunga antelope, a thrilling rarity, on their mokoro excursions. Here too guests experienced great photographic opportunities of the painted reed frog and the long reed frog, which they did not believe could be so fascinating and beautiful.

It was wonderful to see red lechwe in front of the camp while we enjoyed a refreshing drink and something to eat at high tea. During the night we heard hyaena in the area, but they have not yet visited us at Jacana Camp itself.

With the water levels starting to rise, we are looking forward to seeing all the new life and to introduce new sightings for guests to enjoy.

Jacana Camp - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

Birds and Birding
At breakfast we saw a few openbill storks flying by. We also had a great sighting of a Pel’s fishing-owl close to camp. One of our favourite sounds is that of the majestic African fish-eagles communicating across the islands to one other.

A flock of spur-winged geese is still seen feeding in the area in front of the camp while white-faced whistling ducks were regularly seen flying by.

The wattled cranes are starting to gather in magnificent flocks as the water slowly fills the floodplains.

Camp Activities
We were very lucky to organise a romantic sundowner where one of our guests proposed marriage to his partner. It was extremely special to receive their delighted feedback.