Jao – April 2018

Jao - April 2018

Climate and Landscape
The seasonal Okavango Delta waters seemed to come up almost overnight and the Jao area has transformed into a birder’s paradise.

Jao - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Temperatures rose to a maximum of 36° Celsius and dropped to a minimum of 18° C this month, and we are enjoying the fresh mornings with their slight chill in the air. However, by mid-morning we are ready to take off our sweaters as the heat of the day starts to come through. The temperature is really comfortable at night, always allowing a good night’s sleep under the covers.

Animal sightings were incredible this month. Our guests saw two baby leopards – and as if that was not enough we had a cheetah kill near our airstrip too. Guests also saw territorial lion fights between two young males and an older male.

 On one morning game drive, four of our vehicles could not leave the Jao Bridge for at least 15 minutes due to a rather large elephant roadblock. Everyone tried to pass but the big bull was having none of it – thankfully, eventually he seemed to get bored and slowly moved on.

 We spotted two male sitatunga in and around camp this month; they especially like to hang out around Tent 5. What a thrilling and incredibly rare sight to see.

 Guest Comments
“One night is not enough.”
“Abundance of game.”
“This camp is spectacular.”
“Staff incredibly friendly.”
“We will definitely be back.”
“Beautiful camp.”
“Great service.”