So, we know we have shared a fair amount on what happened at Kaingo last week. But, we thought you deserved the whole story.

Kaingo held hostage by the MKs

A commotion broke out at roughly 01:45, sudden noises of hunting and hostility filtered through camp like wildfire. From guests to kitchen staff, to guides, all were jolted out of their slumber to the noise of a fearsome pride struggling with their prey. Hastily but warily navigating their way through back-of-house, staff and guides piled into vehicles to safely audit what caused pandemonium in the early hours of Saturday morning. To everyone’s dismay, 14 lions huddled around a small hippo and feasted and fought for the meat. Lions were scattered everywhere, not just around the kill but the courageous cats made themselves at home in our dining area, redecorating and rearranging the pillows to suit their taste.

Kaingo held hostage by the MKs

It was not long until other prides in the area got wind of the kill. Two Nomads and another large male swooped in to do what male lions do best. A scrap broke out between the males before they settled down to eat.

Kaingo held hostage by the MKs

Kaingo held hostage by the MKs

As the sun rose over the now depleting Luangwa River, the lions continued to feed. Guests were held hostage in their room, so, breakfast could not be served down on the lower deck. Kaingo kitchen improvised and breakfast rolls, juices, fruit and cereals were dropped off at rooms via vehicles. Guests dined from their chalets to the sounds of lions feeding and squabbling before they headed out to see how the rest of the game in the Luangwa Valley spent their night.

Kaingo held hostage by the MKs

Kaingo held hostage by the MKs

By Anna Mansfield of Kaingo and Mwamba Camps in Zambia

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