Climate and Landscape
April at Kings Pool Camp started off as a midsummer dream but towards the end of the month Mother Nature added a bit of frost to the air and a sprinkle of chill that fast-forwarded our migration to the camp fire in the mornings. Hot chocolate was the order of the day, usually with a healthy dash of Amarula just to make sure that the warmth spread evenly.

Kings Pool - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

With the rain gone and the cold setting in our elephant herds have returned en masse. Mothers and calves are flooding in, with numbers of up to 50 in a herd recorded thus far. We have also had amazing sightings of gentle old bulls just lazing around under tall old trees which they surely recognise from the previous year – and the year before that, and the one before that.

Guests in Tent 6 had an amazing sighting of a four-metre crocodile killing and eating a monitor lizard. This same crocodile was spotted killing a massive catfish two days later and then lounging in the sun right next to the main area as it digested its meal.

A wild dog den has been found – although at this stage the guides are steering clear of it as the pups are still very small and we would like to make it as comfortable as possible for the pack to raise the young without any intervention.

Our lion population is healthy and happy with the Mathajwa Pride and their cubs still going strong. We had two foreign male lions swim across from Namibia, seemingly trying to measure their strength against the local dominant males. So far there have been no major fights but a lot of roaring and stomping around.  One is collared and has a very distinctive short mane while the other has a massive “just from the hair salon” set of blonde locks.

Sightings of leopard were also good with an eight-month-old cub and its mother sighted more and more regularly.  A feeding male leopard was seen very close to King’s Pool. However, its kill was taken over by the LTC Pack of wild dogs and he was chased off.

Kings Pool - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Camp News
In camp we have had quite a shift in outdoor activities. With the Queen Sylvia barge being operational in all her splendour, we are now offering dinner on the top deck under the stars, with Executive Chef Nic Semple offering a full à la carte menu, customised to guest requests here in the heart of the Linyanti bush.

Harvester bush lunches, served family-style under the tall canopies of trees along the Linyanti River, have also been a hit with guests looking for a little bit of family time during their quest to see what nature has to offer.

We have a few new team members that we were delighted to welcome into the King’s Pool family: Neuman and Rauve Vasco are the new managers who have moved across from Savuti. Together may we reach the stars and make even more guests’ safari dreams come true! Also new to our team is newly-appointed head guide Moses Gunikhwe. Welcome and we hope you lead the team along many more tracks to greatness!

Staff in Camp
Managers: Neuman Vasco, Rauve Vasco, Nic Semple, Chantelle Panter, Olly Sefofo

Guides: Moses Gunikhwe, Reuben Kaye, MP Moathodi, Bobby Rakaru