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Kwetsani – March 2018

Kwetsani - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

Climate and Landscape
It was a wet and windy March at Kwetsani Camp with thunderstorms almost guaranteed every six or seven days. We had a decent 70 mm of rain this month with most days hovering around 29° Celsius, and in the evenings around 19° C. The first signs of winter are starting to appear, with just the slightest chill during the early morning activities, though nothing a nice warm poncho and Amarula coffee can’t remedy.

Kwetsani - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

This month the activity around the concession was phenomenal, to say the least. We had a few guests this month who had never been on safari before and Kwetsani really gave them the royal treatment. Before they had reached the camp, they had come across our two young male lions with their mother, lying in the grass. But the amazing part is that after watching them for just a few minutes a male hippo walked out of the lagoon and disturbed their afternoon siesta. The two youngsters decided that the hippo looked like he could be food and started to stalk him. One of the males even managed to jump up onto the hippo’s back but the hippo had way too much strength and ran back to the water, much to the dismay of the two males.

Kwetsani - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

Other sightings around the concession were just as interesting. We found three different leopards in the course of one morning, but only managed to see two of them as the third was not interested in coming out of his hiding place and we had to make do with listening to him growling and coughing.

We also managed to find a large journey of giraffe on Hunda Island – a very special and unusual sighting for all involved.

The resident spotted hyaena spent a lot more time around camp this month, with their distinctive calls filling the night air during dinner and around the camp fire.

One evening we were also treated to a very curious small spotted genet who decided to come and have a look at what was for dinner. She stood right up on her hind legs at our buffet table to see if there was a little dinner for her too.

Birds and Birding
We were treated to some amazing bird sightings this month in and around Kwetsani, including barred owlets in the sausage tree in the main area. A few woodland kingfishers were seen around the area as well as the occasional pygmy kingfisher. The call of the African fish-eagle seemed to be getting closer and closer as the month progressed.

Staff in Camp
Managers and Guides: Juan Fourie, Alzaane Bock, Moyo Kapinga, Kgaga Kgaga

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