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Lesser Masked Weavers

Lesser Masked Weavers | Taga Safaris

Birds. Lesser Masked Weavers – They’re our planet’s first builders, nature’s architects and engineers, crafting homes of spectacular design in every corner of the earth. Some are elegantly simple, others, surprisingly complex. From nature’s most mundane materials, birds weave wonders that share a universal purpose: to keep their inhabitants and their young safe.

Lesser Masked Weavers

Every summer a buzz of activity emanates from the large tree outside reception. The fever tree, with its characteristic, almost luminous, lime green to greenish-yellow bark is, at this time of year, home to a colony of Weavers. In fact, closer inspection may reveal up to three different species; the Village Weaver, the Southern Masked Weaver and the Lesser Masked Weaver. As they’re more abundant in this scenario we’ll focus briefly on the latter in our latest blog post…

Lesser Masked Weavers

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