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Loldia House August News

With the busy months in the Mara, so too does the pace pick up at Loldia! We have had many guests passing through either before or after their Kenya safari, but mostly afterwards as Loldia House is the perfect spot to rest and relax after a few days in the Masai Mara.

Loldia House August News | Taga Safaris

Loldia House view, photo credit Alisa Bowen

There have been some days with lovely sunshine so guests have headed out to Lake Nakuru National National Park or Lake Elementeita complete with picnic lunches and packed drinks boxes. At Nakuru NP, there have been wonderful sightings of rhino, giraffe, lion and thankfully many more flamingo which are back. Lake Elementeita, the closer option of the two lakes, is always stunning with an abundance of Great White Pelicans and Lesser Flamingo against a backdrop of green and yellow Acacia, blue hills and wildlife such as zebras and giraffe. Trips to Crescent Island are still proving to be very popular as guests find themselves being able to walk out in the open, relatively close to the animals. Unfortunately, last month was a little cold for the adventurous few who attempted what is normally a very beautiful trip up to the Eburu Forest; we are hoping now that the weather is clearing up it will enable more guests to head up there in search of the critically endangered Mountain Bongo and other wildlife.

Loldia House August News | Taga Safaris

Flamingoes at Lake Elementeita, photo credit Alisa Bowen

Loldia House August News | Taga Safaris

Great White pelican at Lake Elementeita, photo credit Alisa Bowen

Our boat has been very busy with daily trips out on the lake each morning – everyone comes back in awe of the Fish Eagles who swoop down to catch the fish thrown by the boat man; a true ‘Kodak moment’ enjoyed by all.

Loldia House August News | Taga Safaris

The ever-elusive resident leopard is back we are told, by the night time security staff, so we are hoping that our guests might catch a glimpse of him on a night game drive soon. Night game drives are loved for the thrill of spotting those nocturnal animals that are seldom seen otherwise; aardvark, Spring Hares, Hyena, Bat-Eared foxes, porcupines, Verreaux Eagle owls and of course, leopard. There are lots of Impala on the lawn at night – they hop over the low-lying wire perimeter (which keeps out the hippos) and enjoy a good night’s sleep with a sense of security from inside the fence. Many hyena are on the ranch causing havoc with the Thompson’s and Grant’s Gazelles – so lots of interesting howls and high-pitched honks can be heard at night. As the weather dries up, we are seeing plenty of warthog families and all kinds of antelope frequenting the lake shore and other water sources throughout the ranch; here’s hoping the leopard will be close behind them and make an appearance for all our guests.

Loldia House August News | Taga Safaris

Leopard at Loldia, photo credit Gary Hopcraft

The interior upgrades were recently completed by White Elephant Trading Co. and Loldia House is looking simply exquisite! Our pool will be completed by the end of September – a great addition to Loldia. Between 17th October and 20 December 2018, we will be closed for full renovations of the main house interior and bathrooms of all rooms. Stand by for more news on this!

Loldia House August News | Taga Safaris

By Heather Wallington, manager at Loldia House.

Post courtesy of Governors Camps

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