November has been a very busy month here at Loldia – although we have been closed to guests, the grounds have been a hive of activity. We have been undergoing extensive renovations with a team of over twenty five builders on site!

Due for completion in just a few days, we know the ‘new look’ Loldia is going to be a huge hit amongst our guests. Loldia house will still have the same look and feel that lends itself to early country life, but the new changes made will bring that little bit more comfort and luxury to those lucky enough to spend time here. In keeping with how Loldia was built nearly eighty years ago by the Italians; we have used locally sourced red rock from a quarry on the farm. The new build coupled with the recent soft refurbishments meanas that this property is looking simply spectacular!

Loldia House renovations

Red brick walls as part of the Loldia renovation – photo credit Alisa Bowen

You may have heard of the new pool taking shape in the last newsletter – we are delighted to say that its now complete and offers the perfect spot to lay back on a sunbed and enjoy the stunning views over the lake. The pool is the ultimate excuse to spend an extra couple of days with us – with a full dining facility for meals out under the stars by the newly built open fire pit. If swimming is not your thing – surely a ‘sundowner’ will entice you up there for the magnificent views alone! 

 Swimming pool Loldia House

New pool at Loldia House – photo credit Alisa Bowen

In the main house, the sitting room area has been expanded and what was the previous dining room, has now become part of the new “snug bar” area. The new dining room is fit for a king: with high paneled walls, decadent lighting and beautiful French doors opening out to the garden – it creates a cozy environment for delicious, home cooked evening meals that are so reminiscent of the Loldia experience. Lunches and breakfasts will continue to be held under the magnificent giant Fig tree on the lawns, weather permitting.

Loldia House renovations

The new dining room underway – photo credit Alisa Bowen

An additional two rooms have been built overlooking the lake: they have very spacious bathrooms and grand verandahs – an ideal space for relaxing with a G&T in the late afternoon. Two of the previous rooms have also been expanded with bigger, more modernized bathrooms and large French windows and doors installed. These two rooms also have beautiful big verandahs for making the most of our picturesque surroundings and lush gardens.

Loldia House renovations

Two extra rooms have been created – photo credit Alisa Bowen

In other news around the farm, the wildlife has been thriving. I spotted a leopard the other night near the house – a slender female who we have heard calling almost nightly. Another nocturnal animal that I was lucky enough to spot was this beastly bush pig – there is actually a whole family of them that live not far from the house, but they are very rare to find. They have some little babies who are striped – quite different in appearance from the adults. Marsh mongooses have been seen almost daily and the lawns have been covered with Impala and warthogs feeding on our short green grass. There has been little rain and as a result much of the game can be found on the lake shores near the Loldia House itself. The few heavy downpours we did have led to large islands of papyrus being detached from the lake shore and floating far out in front of Loldia creating mini islands for birds – very picturesque!

Bush pig Loldia

The bush pig spotted on the drive at Loldia House – photo credit Alisa Bowen


Post courtesy of Governors Camps

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