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Marothodi and the Male Impala

I was extremely privileged to witness a thrilling hunt involving a female leopard named Marothodi during a recent stay at Mombo camp in the Okavango Delta. She was half asleep in a depression in the sand when a single male impala came into the scene.

At this time of year the sausage trees are in flower and the antelope find these beautiful burgundy flowers irresistible.

Marothodi and the Male Impala | Taga Safaris

Deadly attraction… the last meal. Ten minutes later the impala became the leopard’s meal!

I was amazed at how the leopard eventually noticed an opportunity and how completely oblivious the impala was. How she managed to secure her prey after dashing through thorns and branches in a split second left us all in awe.

Marothodi and the Male Impala | Taga Safaris

Suffocating: Deadly embrace… she managed to suffocate the impala by placing her jaws over the mouth of her prey… not as efficient as a swift bite to the neck or throat, but she had to avoid some extremely sharp horns.

Marothodi and the Male Impala | Taga Safaris

Dragging prey: Sheer beauty and raw power… the impala was probably more than double her weight, yet she demonstrated incredible strength.

She is a small female by leopard standards but her strength was demonstrated when she killed and dragged her prey effortlessly. One has to respect!

By David Luck

Post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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