Vlei – Afrikaans for Marsh

Apart from excellent game viewing, Mashatu Game Reserve is known for it’’s vast landscapes that includes grassland, riverine forests, rocky hills and majestic sandstone ridges, however not many people are aware that we also have quite a large Marshland area.

During the winter months, the marsh dries up and an abundance of general game can be found in the area. This is a favourite area for cheetah, with it’s ideal flat and open spaces.

When the evening storms arrive in the summer months, the true beauty of the area is revealed as it is transformed into a shallow lake, attracting many bird species. It’s a birders paradise with a variety of species including many water birds and waders such as ducks, teals, sandpipers and lapwings.

There is something for everyone at Mashatu and even for non-birders it’s a spectacular site to see and definitely a great place to end a day on safari with a sundowner.

Images & text by Janet Kleyn

Post courtesy of Mashatu Game Reserve

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