Looking for a little adventure while on safari? As you drive through the reserve you may imagine riding a horse through the fields of yellow flowers or cycling along an elephant path. You may be feeling frustrated with your photography and wishing you had help capturing the beauty around you.

If you’re at Mashatu Game Reserve you’ve come to the right place. Mashatu offers horse riding, cycling and various photographic activities.

To ensure the best experience, Mashatu has outsourced these activities to independent companies who are experts in their respective fields. All three of these concessions are managed by women. They have in common a passion for their profession as well as wildlife. Let’s meet the ladies that run the adventure activities:

Lindy Hill, Limpopo Horse Safaris

With the heart of a traveller and passion for horses, Lindy has guided on horseback since 1990, from the rain forests and beaches of far North Queensland in Australia to the cliff tops of the island of Mauritius, as well as the bushveld in Southern Africa. Lindy owned and managed a horse back trail company in Mauritius for four years before finding her home on Mashatu Game Reserve, where she manages Limpopo Horse Safaris, immersing herself in her passion for horses, wildlife and hospitality.

Activities on offer:

Multiday Adventure Horse safaris – The option to ride on a ‘camp wild’ experience is possible where these horse safaris comprise a 7-day journey on Mashatu.

Adhoc Rides from Camp – If you are staying at one of the Mashatu Lodges, you can book a morning ride out.

Claire Dowdle, Cycle Mashatu

Although born in JHB, Claire prefers the bushveld to the city and has spent most of her working life in game lodges and the hospitality industry. Her work experience includes guiding, reservations and front office management at various lodges throughout Southern Africa. In 2011 she joined forces with her brother and purchased Cycle Mashatu combining her two passions – mountain biking and the bush. Her favourite pastime is exploring the wilderness on a mountain bike.

Activities on offer:

4-day mountain biking getaway – an extraordinary opportunity to ride at leisure along ancient elephant migration paths, cycle through vast herds of wildlife and to sleep under starlit African skies.

Adhoc Rides from Camp – If guests are staying at one of the Mashatu Lodges, a mountain bike safari can be booked for a morning.

Janet Kleyn, Photo Mashatu

An outdoor and nature lover at heart, Janet started her working career in the hospitality industry and has worked in both South Africa and the Middle East in reservations and front office management. Following her desire to work in the bush, she completed her guiding qualifications. At the same time she acquired her first DSLR camera and began her journey into photography. Janet freelanced doing both trails and photography guiding for a number of years. In 2017, she joined Photo Mashatu on a permanent basis as the concession manager. Janet strives to reflect her vision of the wilderness through her lens and loves sharing her photographic and wildlife knowledge with guests.

Activities on offer:

Photographic Hides – sit quietly and watch animals moving directly towards you, all the while taking pictures from unique angles, with the assistance of one of our in-house photographers.

Photo Vehicle – Be accompanied by a photographic guide on drive in our custom designed vehicle. The vehicle offers all the perks of a private vehicle, coupled with a unique, top of the range, personal photographic experience.

Tutor Sessions – Between drives, why not book a tutor session with one of the resident, professional photographers and take your photography to the next level.

Camera Rental – Photo Mashatu offers lens and camera rental to guests of Mashatu.

Photo Credits Aubrey Tseleng

Post courtesy of Mashatu Game Reserve

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