Mombo Camp April 2018

Mombo Camp April 2018

Climate and Landscape
April has come and gone and with the temperature dropping quickly in the mornings and late evenings, hot chocolate and Amarula time is now upon us.

Mombo Camp April 2018 | Taga Safaris

The inundation is on its way and it is approaching very quickly, bringing with it a spectacle like no other. The view from the camp is outstanding, with large herds of elephant, red lechwe, impala and zebra stretching across the floodplain in front of Mombo. The game viewing out in the bush was simply fantastic this month.

With the waters come an abundance of birdlife. Species that are rare and only seen in the Delta can be seen in large numbers as the water comes in.

The lion prides were seen regularly, in particular the Western Pride. They have taken up in an area by the name of Boro, and are almost guaranteed to be seen hunting lechwe in the early morning mist that comes at this time of the year.

The local leopards were seen often and there are now two skittish males that have also been seen in and around camp. Late night dinners have produced sightings of one of the males walking up to the front of Mombo and then disappearing into the foliage close to Tent 5.

Pula and her adolescent are doing well and the resident male Blue Eyes continues to make his lengthy trips down to the south of the Concession, and then back up again on his usual territorial walkabout.

After no cheetah sightings last month, we saw almost more cheetah than leopard in the month of April!

Mombo Camp April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Both black and the white rhino were seen this month, and we are longing for the day that they decide to come and graze and browse in front of the camp. Stranger things have happened after all…

Rare Sighting
On an early morning drive, we came across the pack of wild dogs as they started out on a hunt. After following them for around an hour we parked in a floodplain and waited for them to single out their prey. Next to the vehicle was a palm tree island in which two spurfowls were chirping like mad, and who were soon joined by a tree squirrel barking away.

On closer inspection, a cheetah shot out from in front of the vehicle. The dogs quickly reacted and started harassing the canine – and with all the commotion, a couple of hyaenas soon joined in. This was an amazing encounter of animal interaction at its best. The cheetah sped off into the floodplain leaving the dogs and hyaenas in his dust.   The dogs then went on to chase down and kill a male impala which was subsequently stolen by the hyaenas. What a morning it was at Mombo, “The Place of Plenty”!

Mombo Camp April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Until next month…

Matt, Robyn and the Mombo family