Pelo Camp – March 2018

Pelo Camp - March 2018

Climate and Landscape
We are at the tail-end of our rainy season, though we do not have much to show for it.  The month of March at Pelo Camp delivered barely 40 mm of rain, whereas in previous years the tally was over, and sometimes even way over, 100 mm for the same period.

Pelo Camp - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

That said, the WATERS ARE HERE.  We saw the colour of the water change early on the 30th and along with 18 mm of rain the inundation had pushed from the end of the Pelo jetty to up under the tree by the morning of the 31st.  We should be mooring the boats under the tree in a matter of days.

Overall the weather was great.  The predominantly partly cloudy and overcast weather allows for slightly lower temperatures during the day, cosy temperatures at night and the welcome bonus of very dramatic sunsets.  The mercury bottomed out at 17° Celsius and rose up to 32° C.

Camp Activities
Activities at Pelo delivered some great sightings for guests. One event we always share with our guests is their last breakfast before checking out.  These always tend to be a little longer than our regular breakfasts, as guests very often take the last morning a little slower, getting up later and having a later breakfast with some leisure time in camp before leaving for the airstrip.  It is wonderful watching the fish-eagle attempt to catch his breakfast while we eat ours, or watch the pied kingfishers spend almost more time in the water than hovering, making catch after catch.  We even saw a reed cormorant follow behind an African jacana, catching whatever it was kicking up.

Being a water-based camp, we are used to seeing and hearing hippo on a regular basis.  It is almost expected.  During the day they are predominantly submerged so to see them out in the open in broad daylight is always a little strange for me, and, as illustrated by the photograph, I just have to get a photo.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch some of the concession’s predators on our airstrip transfers and on one occasion I happened on a mom and two sub-adult male lions between the Hippo Pools Bridge and Cheetah Point.  What a great find.  At first I almost did not see them and it was only once they moved as I drove past on the way to the airstrip that I realised they were there.  I was lucky enough to find them still there on my way back, and I managed to get a couple of shots of the boys in the shade.

We celebrated Earth Hour on the 24th March where we moved our dining experience onto the Pelo fire deck overlooking the water.  We extended our “hour” from about 19h30 to 21h30 as our guests had such a great time.  Mother Nature also played along quite nicely with a magnificent sunset from the mokoro activity preceding the dinner and a lightning show during dinner.

Staff in Camp
Camp Managers: Jacques Bester and Nadia Botha

Guides: Moruti Maipelo and Trust Samoxhose