With just a week to go before our 2019 Busanga Plains safari season draws to a close, Busanga Bush Camp guide Sam Simunji Simunji witnesses a spectacularly dramatic, and inevitable, conclusion to the Papyrus Pride’s dynastic successes of the past two years….

I have been predicting it all season, and it has come to pass…. our resident Papyrus Pride has finally split in two.

Maggie, the second daughter of Queen – the oldest female, from whom all the pride members have descended – has finally broken away and formed her own pride. This new family comprises three of last year’s cubs, now sub-adults, plus her cub born this year, Tiny, who is now about six months old.

Pictured are the two prides in combat: Maggie’s pride battling her maternal pride – during which her older daughter Stumpy was nearly killed. However, Stumpy fought back viciously and managed to survive the attack from all nine lions, including the pride male Scarface.

Plains of Thrones - Season Finale

By: Josephine Bestic
Post courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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