Climate and Landscape
It is that time of the year when winter is clearly starting, and we had cold mornings and evenings with warm days. The waters have reached some areas of the Delta, and we recorded a minimum temperature of 12 ° Celsius and a maximum of 31° C.

Seba Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

The Abu Concession has once again proved to be the place to safari, with its outstanding game and multiple predators and large herbivores seen time and again.

Leopard were seen almost every day of the month. Bame and her male cub were seen on most mornings and evenings in the vicinity of Seba Camp, including one morning when she was found up in our big tree in the main area, with her cub seen on the walkway heading to Tents 1 and 2.

Seba Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris

Two other unknown male leopards were spotted towards the Randall Crossing, feeding on a male kudu.

The lion pride of four, which comprises Mmamolomo and her three cubs, was also seen many times in our concession. Furthermore, a cheetah was spotted at our Seba pizza spot, and also at Mayday Island, feeding on a kudu.

A pack of five wild dogs was seen hunting at Marabou Pan while a pack of three was seen north of the Abu boma.

Two new hyaena dens were also found, one at the heli pad, and the other at Letsatsi Island.

Guest Comments
The people / the staff, spotting six leopards, a lioness with her three cubs and entering a hyaena den.”

“The staff were amazing, kind people –all of them, the guides are top notch. The cabins are beautiful.”

“The guides searched and found wild dogs, hyaenas, leopards (eating the kill), ostrich and much more.”

 Staff in Camp
Managers: Kelly, Tex, Ellias and Alex

Guides: Big O, Tsono, GO, and Mwamo

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Seba Camp - April 2018 | Taga Safaris