It’s that time of day when the valley is preparing for the sweltering heat of the mid-day sun. The game of the South Luangwa National Park is gearing up for a point in a day when they would prefer not to hunt so that they conserve their energy. However, Syl and his guests find a large pack of dogs on the move. As wild dogs often do, they are moving with purpose and appear to have an end goal- to hunt.

Wild Dogs vs Hyenas

Wild Dogs vs Hyenas

Wild Dogs vs Hyenas

The dogs spot a waterbuck in the distance, but the large antelope has spotted them too and without hesitation flees to safety successfully. This setback does not deter the colourful carnivores from continuing in their pursuit for food and within minutes the dogs makes their kill. One small puku is already not sufficient for the large pack. However, to make matters worse, the dogs have some unwelcome visitors. A clan of hyena’s swoop in to claim the kill and the puku is gone faster than it took the dogs to make the hunt. Despite the fact that the dogs are hungry, they try to stand their ground and teach the hyenas a lesson.

Watch majority of the incident unfold in the video below!

By Anna Mansfield of Kaingo and Mwamba Camps in Zambia

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