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Snapping the Serengeti like a pro

From anxious first-time safari goers to lifelong safari addicts, what is the one universal item that everyone brings with them on safari? A camera, no doubt. Whether it’s professional photographic equipment with multiple lenses and tripods, an adventurous GoPro on a selfie stick or quite simply a smartphone or tablet, every wildlife enthusiast wants to document their safari adventure and get that perfect money shot as a lasting (not to mention brag-worthy) souvenir of their unforgettable time and unbelievable sightings in Africa.

Snapping the Serengeti like a pro | Taga Safaris

We have exciting news for photography enthusiasts visiting two of our luxury lodges in Tanzania’s world-famous and oh-so photogenic Serengeti National Park next year. Professional wildlife photographer, Nick Dale, will be based at &Beyond Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp in March 2019 and &Beyond Klein’s Camp in April and May 2019 as our resident expert photographer.

Exploring the vast, tree-dotted Serengeti plains during what is traditionally considered its low season has some extraordinary advantages. With far less crowds and other vehicles to share sightings with, you end up with your own private Serengeti, quite literally, which is home to an astounding year-round abundance of resident wildlife. Imagine herds of up to 200 elephant, some of Africa’s largest prides of lion up to 60-strong, large dazzles of zebra, playful pods of hippo and Africa’s largest crocodile. Game viewing is unsurpassed, and the dramatic, fiery sunsets will have you falling in love with East Africa, each and every night.

Snapping the Serengeti like a pro | Taga Safaris

Having Nick on hand adds extraordinary value to the safari experience. Not only will he reveal photography tips and tricks and share suggestions for capturing the ideal and iconic shots, he can also accompany guests on game drive, should they wish, sharing his expertise and advice along the way.

Nick will explain camera techniques, ideal settings and the rules of composition and, more importantly, he will encourage safari goers to truly appreciate and savour the essence of a safari: to be patient and observe the wildlife more closely; to capture special moments that other guests may miss as they rush from sighting to sighting; to appreciate the fluctuating degrees of light and the seasonal storm clouds that add bold, striking contrast; and to take the time to really witness the natural beauty and curious creatures, both through the lens and with your own eyes. Photographers often forget to put the camera down and to take a timeout to appreciate the moment using all of the senses.

Snapping the Serengeti like a pro | Taga Safaris

Snapping the Serengeti like a pro | Taga Safaris

Nick is an award-winning photographer with a lifelong passion and inquisitive eye for photography, particularly wildlife photography. His breathtaking portfolio spans 25 countries and 7 continents and has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Lonely Planet and more. An expert in Lightroom as well, Nick will also host insightful post-editing workshops back at the lodge for those guests wanting to learn how to further enrich and enhance their images. It’s a fantastic value-add to an already incredible safari experience in the Serengeti. You’ll come home with memories, and photographs, to last a lifetime.

Snapping the Serengeti like a pro | Taga Safaris

Click below to book your photographic adventure and start dreaming of your own Serengeti photo collection…

Post courtesy of AndBeyond

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