The History of Kings Camp

The History of Kings Camp

The History of Kings Camp – The Camp is located on the boundary of famous Kruger National Park, within the Timbavati Nature Reserve. The camp was built almost 25 years ago in order to allow visitors from around the globe to share in the incredible Timbavati wildlife.

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The Timbavati Nature Reserve

The Timbavati was formed before Kings Camp Private Game Reserve in the 1950s by a group of like-minded, conservation-driven landowners interested in protecting a pocket of pristine wilderness in South Africa.

70 years ago, the landscape of the Timbavati was very different. It was an area of intensive crop and cattle farming that was having a devastating impact on the region’s native wildlife. 40 years on, the Timbavati’s importance as a wildlife haven was recognised and the Kruger National Park removed the boundary fences between them, allowing game to move more freely.

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Kings Camp Private Game Reserve

Just two years after the fences came down, Kings Camp Private Game Reserve was established in 1995. The aim was to create a premier eco-tourism destination to support the conservation efforts within the Timbavati.

The property was purchased by Joof Alberts and officially opened its doors to guests in 1995. Combined with the Kruger National Park, the total area under protection is a mind-boggling 2.2 million hectares – roughly the size of Rwanda. Kings Camp Private Game Reserve is a smaller, lesser known private reserve hosting a small number of guests with highly exclusive game viewing safaris.

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Kings Camp Today

Not only is Kings Camp a world class private safari destination, over the last twenty years it has cultivated an incredible team of staff to support it. The lodge is headed by husband and wife managerial team, Warren and Lisha Moore, who have nurtured and run Kings Camp since 1998. Alongside Warren & Lisha is a passionate team of safari guides and trackers. One of our guides, Remember Mashele, has been with Kings Camp for almost 15 years, starting off as a tracker and eventually qualifying as a guide.

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The Kings Camp Community

Today, an important part of the ethos of Kings and the Seasons in Africa group, is giving back to the underprivileged communities in the greater Timbavati area. We ask guests to donate R10 per person per day to the Timbavati Foundation during their stay, to help us in our mission to educate, uplift and empower our children, ensuring them a brighter future.

The History of Kings Camp