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Vumbura Plains – March 2018

Vumbura Plains - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

Climate and Landscape
Oh what a season it’s been, definitely one not to be missed in the Delta! The greenery is spectacular, with amazing wildlife – and water everywhere as we had rains totalling 125 mm this month. Our minimum temperature was 20° Celsius with a maximum of 30° C average being recorded.

Vumbura Plains - March 2018 | Taga Safaris

(Vumbura Plains – March 2018)

The Okavango Delta, and the Vumbura Concession, has so much to offer in terms of biodiversity at this time of year. Guests were quite entranced to see our four male lions with the Kubu Pride. Their amazing contact calling was heard during the nights and early mornings.

The cubs of the Kubu Pride are doing really well and were spotted on numerous occasions, with guests regularly returning to camp with wide smiles after observing them crossing the water along Channel Road. Earlier this month, guests had a glimpse of a spectacular moment when two lionesses of the Kubu Pride were seen chasing warthogs in a successful hunt at the Vumbura South Bridge.

The government of Botswana has put conservation systems in place to make sure that our vulnerable species are protected for future generations. This month we saw some of those species, like wild dog and sable antelope, in good numbers along our main roads. However, cheetah were not seen this month.

Our residents leopards like Selonyana, Naledi and Lesego were all seen, resting up in trees or chasing impala. Vumbura Plains – March 2018

Good herds of elephant and buffalo with young were seen, adding their natural wonder to our surroundings as they headed to our main channels to bathe and quench their thirst after feeding.

Really, is there any better place for wildlife in the world than the Okavango Delta?

Camp Activities
Magic ‘wow’ moments like bush brunches, bush dinners and sundowner setups were created, hopefully making our guests’ safaris even more memorable.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kci, KK, Lambert, Todd, Tumi, Kay, Motty, Poppy, Ruth, Oabi and Rachael
Guides: Zee, Chris, Emang, Speedy, Tebla, Lastie, Ron, St and Nas

Vumbura Plains – March 2018

Vumbura Plains – March 2018

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