Kevin Rooney Esq. we make no apologies for the overuse of the above headline, it just fits so snugly and, as this is not a written version of Just a Minute, repetition is not penalised, it is just flattery. You leave us with very little option, yet again, to elevate you firmly onto Spot’s podium as you continue to take safaris like this.

Weve go to talk about Kevin again

Leopard mum and cub, Kicheche Valley

Weve go to talk about Kevin again

Serval, Kicheche Mara Camp

Do you honestly expect us to believe these images were taken at Kicheche Mara and Kicheche Valley Camps over just a few trifling days? You book these holidays again and again and swan into the Conservancies before concocting these photographs, which really are just ludicrous litigious lies and faunal fibs.

Weve go to talk about Kevin again

Weve go to talk about Kevin again

In your defence, we can only assume that your guides at both camps are cat conjurers with such feline flair that all you really had to do was press the trigger. Again. And. Again.

Weve go to talk about Kevin again

Kevin, jokes aside, these are evidence of yet another sublime safari: remember a December one is not just for Christmas, it is for life … hence why we continue …. to talk about Kevin.

Weve go to talk about Kevin again

Kisaru with her brood of six cheetah cubs, Kicheche Mara Camp

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